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Stakeholder Survey

We want to hear from professionals, community- Members, Board Members, and anyone else who has an interest in CDTC that is not a person we support, their family member or caregiver, or an Employee of CDTC.  We use your feed-back to improve upon how we assist people to and contribute.  



Our relationship with parents, caregivers, and any other family members of the people we support is invaluable.  Please take a moment to share with us what you think we are doing well and what we can improve on  Your input matters and is used to continually improve the support we provide to your loved ones.  

Supported Person Survey

Most importantly we want to hear from the people we support.  Without you, we would not have a purpose. Take a moment to fill out our supported person survey.  Our programs are designed to fit your needs and help you accomplish your goals. 


If you need assistance we can get a volunteer to help you fill it out.