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Empower Cherokee will open 5 days per week beginning on September 4th. You can expect a call from a member of our team this week to discuss this option with you. Please share with staff any barriers preventing you from returning to the program and we will make every effort to look at solutions that may fit your needs.

Holiday Closure

We will be closed Monday September 7th in observance of Labor Day. There will also be no music therapy on that day.

Changes to COVID-19 Guidance

Empower Cherokee will follow the most current guidelines put out by the CDC when it comes to exposure and required quarantine. Based on the most recent guidelines we will use the following criteria to determine exposure:

  • Exposure occurs when a person is in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. Close Contact is defined as being within less than six feet of someone who has COVID-19 for at least 15 min.

  • If a person is positive for COVID-19 they will be expected to remain home for at least 14 days from the last time they had symptoms and at least 24 hours from the last time they had a fever.

  • Anyone who is exposed to someone who has COVID-19 will be expected to remain home for 14 days from the time of exposure. If the person exhibits symptoms during the 14 days, they would be expected to remain at home for 14 days from the last day they had symptoms and at least 24 hours after the last time they had a fever

  • Testing is NOT required to return to the program.

  • Testing is NOT required if you have COVID-19 symptoms however you must follow the guidance above.

  • If you do get tested it is critical you notify Empower Cherokee staff immediately of any positive results.

Staff who are working with participants outside for extended periods of time may unmask under the following conditions:

  • When staff is properly socially distanced (at least 6 feet away from any other person)

  • Only while they are outside

  • Staff will still be required to wear a mask at all times during program hours when in buildings, vehicles, and when within less than 6 feet of other people.

Staff may unmask during office hours when there are NO participants on campus ONLY when they are maintaining proper social distancing. (At least 6 feet away from any other person)

Empower Cherokee continues to reserve the right to look at each situation related to COVID-19 on a case by case basis, and will continue to update our policies and procedures as the guidance from the CDC changes.

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