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Empower Cherokee Gala

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It is my pleasure to share the pictures from our 50th anniversary Golden Gala. Everyone who attended experienced a very special event. The night was full of energy and magic.

One board member even said " The Gala was awesome. For those who couldn’t make it, you missed something special," a sentiment echoed by all who attended.

We are so grateful to all who were able to attend. We hope the evening inspired you to help Empower Cherokee spread our mission throughout this community and to continue to enroll community partners who want to help us advance the mission of "Empowering people to live life as they define it."

Special Thanks to our Sponsors, volunteers, and other helpers for making sure this event was such a success:


Family Life Magazine

Kathy Davis Foundation (4 tables)

Daniel and Gail Sosebee

Dave and DeEtta Daily and The Kindness Revolution

Empower Cherokee Board of Directors

Other Full Table Purchases:

Richard Kearly

Linda Nicholson

Mindy Davis

Special Thanks to the following:

Mark and Vicky Shirey for donating the high value items for our raffle (Mower, Grill, Necklace)

Chad Blake and Angel Auctions

All others who volunteered or donated to the raffle

All who attended the event

Candace Walker - Empower Cherokee Community Developer

Members of the Empower Cherokee Volunteer Committee


JJ Gantt of Gantt Entertainment (donated services)

Jedala Photography (discounted services)

Prestige Catering/Suite Six

O'Brien's Productions

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Layne of Jedala Photography

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