We are Open with Special Instructions

Hi families and people we support,

Cherokee Day Training Center will be open tomorrow, however the following are special instructions:

(Please read carefully)

1. Historically Cherokee Day Training Center has followed the closures announced by Cherokee County Schools. Cherokee County Schools have announced they may not make a decision until 5:00 AM on School Closures for Friday January 19th.

2. If Cherokee County Schools are Closed Cherokee Area Transit (CATS) cannot run, that means if you see on TV, Facebook, Radio, Email etc. that Cherokee County Schools are closed, transportation for participants will need to be provided by or arranged for by caretakers.

3. If CATS does not run we can accept drop offs as early as 8:00 am and we will allow pick-ups as late as 3:00 pm. (tomorrow only, normally it is 2:30). We can accept drop-ins any time between those hours.

4. We will run our normal full program tomorrow for all who are present.

In short, if CATS cannot run due to school closures we will remain open but families and care givers will be wholly responsible for transportation to and from our program.

Thank you,

Heather Daily

Executive Director

Cherokee Day Training Center

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