Empower Cherokee is currently closed to the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.  You can check our blog from this website, subscribe to our email list or check Facebook for the most up to date information. 

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What We Do

Helping people find the balance between accomplishing their hopes and dreams and maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Empower Cherokee is taking a fresh, person centered approach, to assisting in the lives of the people we support.  This means we help people strive for more relationships within their community through employment, volunteering, social activities, and skill development.  We seek to help change the lives of the people we support for the better.


  • Individual and Group Services

  • Focus on obtaining and maintaining community employment

  • Placement in local businesses

  • Job Coaching based on the unique needs of each person supported

  • Assistance with transportation (limited)

  • Skill building related to each unique job obtained

  • Support in other life areas while on the job as needed

  • Person Centere dapproach to service delivery

Community Access

  • Individual and Group Services

  • Expand life skills

  • Enhance relationships and communication

  • Individualized services are exclusively community based

  • Assistance with daily living support needs

  • Customized services based on preference

  • Person centered approach to service delivery

  • Focus on developing social capital

Join Our Team 

Empower Cherokee is continuously seeking fun loving, compassionate, and creative individuals who love doing new things and working with all types of people. 

The ideal candidate is connected to the local community and willing to build community relationships and possible employment opportunities for people we support.

Empowering Our


Employ     Volunteer    Donate

At Empower Cherokee we are about more than just the people we support.  We are also about empowering our local community to find enrichment opportunities through a variety of opportunities.

Take a survey to tell us how we are doing.  We offer links to a variety of surveys for the people we support, their families, and other stakeholders.  Click the button to take a survey of your choosing.  

(770) 345-5821

133 Univeter Rd, Canton, GA 30114, USA

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

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