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We are open!!!

Participants, Caregivers, Employers, and other Stakeholders,

Our doors are opening to participants on July 1st and 2nd!!!

For those of you who completed our survey and plan to return on July 1 or 2 one of our team members will be calling you today to provide details about when you can plan to return.

Many factors went into placing people on the schedule and we did everything we could to accommodate preferences but we did have to make a few adjustments.

If the schedule you have been assigned will not work for you please contact me at and we do our best to work with you to the best of our ability.

Please know that we are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will adjust our plans according to the ever-changing environment as necessary, and as always health and safety are always a key component to our services.

The whole team is excited to get back to the mission of "empowering people to live life as they define it".

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