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Empower Cherokee team Member of the Month

Empower Cherokee wants to honor each of the hard working members of the team in different ways. Starting October 2020 Empower Cherokee will highlight a Team Member of the Month. Employees who are highlighted are chosen because of their work ethic, application of person centered practices, their willingness to go above and beyond, and more. Each team member of the month will be honored with the Empowering People plaque for the month and lunch provided by the Executive Director. At the end of each quarter the Team members selected will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Empower Cherokee is proud to highlight Amy Vogler, Office Assistant, for the Month of October. Amy is often behind the scenes , but is also vital to our operations. Amy's core duties are billing, deposits, working with vendors, placing orders, handling deliveries, registration for external trainings and lodging, directing calls, watching over the courtyard and parking lot, serving as the Executive Director's assistant, and pretty much anything else she is asked to do from assisting with employee onboarding and training to filling toilet paper rolls when they run out. Amy is not to proud to handle the small jobs, and not to timid to tackle the big ones.

Amy has been at Empower Cherokee over 24 years. She carries a long institutional memory and can share stories about the history of operations at Empower Cherokee. She is the first face new hires, visitors, vendors, etc. see when they arrive at the Tanner Building, and has long been the voice of Empower Cherokee. Amy is funny, kind, outgoing, hardworking, and a team player.

When Amy isn't at work she loves to take care of her pets, visit with her family, shop the Vera Bradley outlet, and vacation in Gatlinburg or at the beach among many other things.

If you get a chance, send Amy an email at and let her know why you appreciate her as a member of the Empower Cherokee team.

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