Empower Cherokee Receives 3 Year Accreditation

Empower Cherokee is pleased to announce that the organization has achieved the highest honors with CARF. Empower Cherokee has been given a 3 year accreditation for the 8th consecutive cycle (21 years of excellence). Empower Cherokee received its first accreditation in 1999 under the name Cherokee Day Training Center.

Accreditation assures that this organization adheres to nationally benchmarked standards of excellence. As the Executive Director of Empower Cherokee, I can say that this accreditation was both the most difficult and the most appreciated as we had to navigate our survey through the backdrop of Covid-19, and participated in a new, online, survey process.

Join me in praising the Empower team for all of their hard work, dedication to excellence, and perseverance during both the CARF Accreditation Survey, and COVID-19.

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