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National Direct Support Professionals Week

Hi folks,

This week is National Direct Support Professionals week! It is an opportunity to honor our staff for all the amazing things they do. Direct Support Professionals are the staff who work day in and day out with the individuals we support connecting them to jobs, driving them to and from activities, teaching and enriching their lives through a variety of groups and classes, and providing the most intimate assistance as required.

Direct Support Professionals are the life blood of Cherokee Day Training Center without their dedication to the men and women we support our work would not be possible. If you get a chance please join me in sharing

your gratitude this week to all our DSPs or the one or two that make an impact of the lives of the people they support and their families.

Ways to say thanks:

*Cards can be mailed or delivered to 133 Univeter Rd. Canton GA 30143.

*Email to and I will get them to the right person

* comment on what a good job they are doing on Facebook,

*Stop by and say thanks in person.

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