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The Advisors Met Today

My favorite thing to do is to meet with the Advisory Committee at Cherokee Day Training Center. This is my opportunity to hear directly from the people we support what is going well, what we can do better, and things we have accomplished. Today's meeting was great and I wanted to share the highlights.

What Works Well:

*More Jobs

*More classes and groups

*Opportunities to go out and do things we love

* Volunteering and giving back to the community

*Lots of ways to exercise

*The lunch Social

*Participant Led Classes

*Heart of Cherokee, Staff appreciation award

What Doesn't Work Well

*We want more participant led classes

*We want healthy vending machine choices (no junk)

*We want more community connections and CAI and less "just sitting"

*Peer Helpers aren't meeting

What We are Proud of:

*More people are getting jobs and paychecks

*We are helping our community

* We are giving more input

*We are transitioning to more community based services

***We have the freedom to do what we want when we want to.

I am so proud of this group of men and women and their willingness to share openly with me their thoughts about our programming at CDTC.

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