Please join me in thanking the Direct Support Professionals at CDTC for the difference they make in the lives of the men and women who choose to use our services.

Specifically I want to thank Haley Campbell, Paige Temple, Shayla Croft, Courtney Morrow, Jeanene King, Amber Smith, Autumn Brown, Kristie Cather, Jillian Smith, Brianne Wright, Kristen Falis, Diana Hamby, Rachel Welborn, Wesline Danastor, Lisa Davis, Elaine Fowler, Becky Ingle, Bernard Cuvilly, Tracy Besson, Petal Shields, Karan Morgan, and John Loftus for all of their hard work as Direct Support Professionals.

I also want to thank all of the other staff, volunteers, interns, board members, employers, families, and other stakeholders for your support and dedication to our organization. Without all of you there would be no CDTC and the lives of the people we support would not be enhanced in such a positive way.

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