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Heart Of Cherokee Award Winner and Nominees

Every quarter at CDTC the staff nominate a coworker who embodies the spirit of person centered practices. last quarter CDTC recognized Elaine Fowler for her community based work and her ability to get people who wanted to go out on dates.

This Quarter the winner is Karan Morgan!!!

Karan was nominated five times by her coworkers.

Karan's nominations were for a variety of things from her patient heart to her artistic approach to service provision. The halls and Karan's classroom are covered with beautiful art, some of which is educational in nature, such as her person centered focus questions interactive posters that are done each month.

Karan was nominated for her quiet presence and humble approach to making dreams come true. Karen was recognized for her art classes, cooking classes, reminiscence classes, helping someone get DirecTV, Helping someone see their old home place, gardening classes, and adaptive approaches to making sure everyone is included.

Karan was recognized the most for helping one of the ladies she supports hand stitch a quilt. Karan, who has no sewing experience, and the lady she supports, who has no sewing experience, worked together for 3 months to create a beautiful lap quilt and matching pillow.

This quarter there was a deep pool of nominees who also deserve recognition:

1. Leeann Shelquist - for getting people connected to their communities and making dreams come true from someone seeing their favorite movie to supplying materials for a very special quilt.

2. Autumn Brown- for her use of the Person Centered Tools staff are learning to use to better understand what makes a good or bad day folks and how we can learn from our experiences. She was also nominated for the relationship she has developed with the people she supports.

3. Robin Wilson - for listening to the people she supports and always being willing to help.

4. Kristen Falis - for getting to know a person she supports better to understand why they do certain things and helping them be successful. Her peer stated that learning from Kristen's example has allowed her to change how she interacts with the people she supports for the better.

5. Diana Hamby - Nominated for the work she has done in calming a particular individual when he became upset. 2 people recognized this skill and nominated her.

6. Brianne Wright - Nominated for being a team player and going above and beyond what is expected of her. She was nominated for seeing what the people she supports needs and making it happen in the moment. She was also nominated by another peer for her smile and positive attitude.

7. Paige Temple - for her love and kindness, and out of the box thinking. She is not afraid to ask to flex time and do evening activities for people she supports if it is something meaningful to them. Paige was nominated by a second peer for getting people to work.

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